As Kelly Rowland preps for the release of her third solo album, the former Destiny's Child singer is tired of talking about one subject: Beyonce. Rowland, who has long looked at her one-time group member as a sister, is not fond of the press pitting the two against each other, and even more enraged that someone consistently gets overlooked.

"What pisses me off the most is the fact that they leave Michelle [Williams] out," Kelly Rowland tells the BoomBox. "Michelle is such a huge part of Destiny's Child. It's very disrespectful in that sense, its three members of Destiny's Child, not two."

Since going their separate ways, all three DC members have focused on solo careers. While Beyonce is the most commercially successful, Rowland has garnered a few notable hits in her own right. Her latest, 'Motivation' featuring Lil Wayne, has received solid buzz, and sits at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Rowland was originally rumored to be putting out a dance-themed album but as she got to work on her latest LP, 'Here I Am,' the Texas native was more focused on the content of the project versus the genre.

"At one point in time everybody was like, 'You should be this, you should be that.' For a second I was like 'F it all! How do I feel?' I just started recording and everything that I started recording fell in the same line and the same pocket. 'Motivation' came about and I was like, 'Oh my God! I want my fans to hear this!' Then other songs started to come and I was working with Tricky [Stewart] and RodneyJerkins [Jerkins] and all these people, everything fell into place. I didn't allow anybody to categorize me at the final process of this record. Nobody puts Kelly in the corner!

"I just wanted other people to know 'here I am,' period. Nobody judging, nobody dictates where I go or what I do. It's me as a person and as a woman. It feels good to be in that space and I just wanted to share that on the record."

In the coming weeks the Grammy winner will drop her next single, which she is keeping under wraps. 'Here I Am' will be released this fall.

Watch Kelly Rowland's 'Motivation'
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