Kelly Rowland makes a guest appearance as DJ Denise Phillips on an upcoming episode of Queen Latifah's new VH1 series 'Single Ladies.'

The 'Motivation' singer plays a cougar with an eye on up-and-coming young singer Reed, as aspiring A&R April (Charity Shea) attempts to help get his single played on the radio by introducing him to the salacious older DJ, who snatches him up for herself.

"Reed, That's the little boy from NRG? Look who's all grown up and sexy now," Ms. Kelly purrs, when introduced to the young singer. "Nice track, you write it? Then we should listen to this on a better system, my Mercedes has Bose and a custom subwoofer."

When April attempts to join the DJ and her PYT, Rowland shuts her down, "It's a two-seater, sweetie."

The eighth episode of 'Single Ladies' starring Kelly Rowland, titled 'Can't Hide Love,' airs Monday (July 25), at 9PM EST.

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