Saturday (Feb. 11), ASCAP presented their third annual Grammy Brunch, sponsored by Pepsi, at the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. The event was attended by many of the performing rights society's Grammy-nominated members, including Ne-Yo, Ledisi and Kelly Price.

During the brunch, Price was interviewed about Whitney Houston's now-infamous appearance at her own For the Love of R&B Grammy party earlier in the week, dispelling the rumors that Whitney had initiated a drunken brawl with 'X-Factor' contestant Stacy Francis.

"I've read some of the stuff in the blogs, and I was a little disappointed that people would take an opportunity to say something like that," Price said, though she did not deny that the "champagne was flowing."

"Whitney came out," she added. "Her office was the first place that I heard from when I got my nominations. When she knew that I wanted to do this, she insisted on being there to celebrate with me. We had a wonderful time. She beat me to my own party, got down the red carpet before I got down the red carpet, and she was inside waiting on me when I got to my VIP section. We had a great time the other night. We laughed, we cried, we danced, there was champagne flowing, it was a good time."

Sadly, Price's event would be Whitney's last performance. She was found dead in her hotel room on Feb. 11, just hours after Price's interview.

"At the end of the night, I was so worn out," Price continued. "We all looked like we had just run a marathon. There was none of that. We had spilled wine, we had spilled champagne, so I hear that stuff, and it really really saddens me, because it was a great event. It was positive, we got the word out, people are understanding that we are geeked about keeping [R&B] as a genre of music alive and in their face. I'm publicly making sure that people hear from me that nothing of the sort happened like that. Let a good time be one."

Whitney Houston's funeral is set for Feb. 18 in New Jersey.

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Recording Star Whitney Houston Dead