KelisNever one to shy away from voicing her opinion, Kelis has written a candid response to animal rights organization PETA, after founder Ingrid Newkirk sent the 'Acapella' singer a personalized letter denouncing her choice to wear fur.

In the letter, written on her official MySpace page, Kelis is unapologetic about clothing herself in luxurious minks and chinchillas. "It's not just the look of fur," she writes. "It's warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that." Kelis states that the PETA letter proceeded to name artists and designers who don't wear real fur, which she voiced was no concern of hers. "Great!" she wrote. "More for me! I don't judge them, don't judge me."

While the new mother admitted she would never wear endangered species such as orangutan or polar bear, she feels the use of minks and chinchilla to make furs are appropriate considering their reputation as vermin. "Quite honestly [they] are rodents and if weren't in the form of a coat I would demand they be put to death anyway," Kelis explains.