We all know what Kelis' 'Milkshake' can do, but the singer will get a chance to show off her other culinary skills when she releases a cookbook in January.

"It's for people like us, who have lives and jobs and still like to eat well and entertain and do fun, creative stuff," she tells AOL Music. "It's a comprehensive book for people who don't generally cook, but who want to."

Kelis says she got some of the recipes from her half-Chinese, half-Puerto Rican mother, who is a bit of a wizard when it comes to food preparation.

"My mom's amazing. I got a lot of stuff from her, in life and everything," she says.

As for signature dishes, the singer says hers are fancy versions of simple foods: "I do a lot of peas and rice, the Spanish version. I do a lot of fish and sauces and some coconut curries." Sounds like Emeril may have some competition.

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