Veteran R&B singer Kelis is presenting some musical nourishment with her new offering 'Food.' The 34-year-old singer has now made her delectable album available for streaming.

The collection boasts 13 songs with food-inspired titles like 'Biscuits ’n' Gravy,' 'Fish Fry' and 'Breakfast.' But the album is hardly about her favorite foods.

With the help of producer Dave Sitek and his 13-piece band, Kelis dives into various musical styles to sing about love, life and being a nurturer.

On 'Floyd,' the singer croons of searching for a new love. She asks for a strong man who can impress her and appreciates her fine cooking. "I want to be blown away," she sings in her raspy voice.

On the acoustic guitar-driven 'Bless the Telephone,' Kelis details her perkiness whenever her thoughtful lover gives her a ring.

But on 'Rumble,' Kelis details her conflict of kicking her unforgiving lover to the curb despite have a deep love for him.

Kelis ends the album with the optimistic 'Biscuits ’N' Gravy' as she ponders what her next journey would be.

Hopefully, it's creating more honest albums like 'Food.' The LP is due to hit stores on April 22.

Click the blue button below to listen to Kelis' album in its entirety.

‘Food’ Tracklist

1. ‘Breakfast’
2. ‘Jerk Ribs’
3. ‘Forever Be’
4. ‘Floyd’
5. ‘Runner’
6. ‘Hooch’
7. ‘Cobbler’
8. ‘Bless the Telephone’
9. ‘Fish Fry’
10. ‘Change’
11. ‘Rumble’
12. ‘Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy’
13. ‘Dreamer’