With the $20,000 a month spousal support payments Kelis is collecting from ex-husband Nas, it's hard to believe the 'Flesh Tone' creator would have any trouble paying her hired help. However, a housekeeper claims Kelis has been negligent in dishing out her earnings.

The R&B singer reportedly owes her maid $900 in back wages. According to TMZ, the woman worked for Kelis one day a week at a rate of $150 per day. The 'Acapella' performer fell six weeks behind in giving the housekeeper her pay.

Kelis' hired hand is currently exploring legal options and searching for a reputable lawyer. She is also in the process of trying to file a claim with the California Labor Commission.

In other news, Kelis recently took to Twitter to express her approval of a short film that used her 'Queen of Hearts: Off With Their Heads' mixtape to support the visuals. "Beyond impressed with this short film using my mixtape as the soundtrack. You must watch this: http://bit.ly/eMjfHy," she tweeted.

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