In his return single, Justin Timberlake claimed to be the one bringing 'Sexy Back.' Judging from the lyrics in Kelis' new offering, 'Blindfold Me,' it appears that subject is still open to debate.

Written around the same time as JT's take on hotness, Kelis's cut finds the hip-hop temptress singing, "When he want it he blindfolds me/Then I get sexy on," with a little help from her hubby, rap superstar Nas. So what did Ms. Milkshake think when she first heard JT's track?

"I didn't really pay much attention," she laughs uproariously. "I don't think sexy ever left, for me at least. I mean, I'm married. I gotta keep it going. But I'm glad he brought it back for himself. That's cool."

Take that, Mr. Diaz.

One place things didn't get heated between Kelis and her main man Nas was in the studio, where her gent played the part of the perfect pop collaborator.

"It was just like 'Hey baby, do this,' and he's like 'OK,'" she recalls. "He's the way he always is. He's totally easy-going, and that's what we do."

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