Kehlani is the winner of this week's Boombox Battle with more than 74.7 percent of the fan vote. Natalie La Rose's "Somebody (Remix)," which features Jeremih, Fetty Wap, Sage the Gemini and Troy Ave, fell under the West Coast singer's reign.

Kehlani's song “Alive” is an electric guitar-driven, mid-tempo track that will quickly put you at ease. And although she sings about a relationship busting at the seams, there is a silver lining by the time you hit the chorus. She was hurt in the past, but the Oakland, Calif. native expresses how good she feels after the heartbreak because she’s moving on and deserves a better man.

“We were in a weird place / Crazy how a person you love could just change / Now I am learning to realize we needed our space / I could never hurt you, we use to be great / And you use to say, what goes around comes around so fast / Now just look at the way / I’m moving on and you stuck in the past / I deserve love that is gonna last / But until then I will just raise this glass,” she delivers.

Stromae serves as Kehlani's opponent this week with his track, "Carmen." The video for the track, which he sings in French, is directed by French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet. The visual not only helps viewers who don't speak French with the lyrics but also offers a satirical look at the world's obsession with Twitter. The song may have dropped in 2013, but the visual is new, which keeps the song fresh.

The Belgian artist raps and sings and has been receiving a lot of buzz as of late. We named him as one of the artists to look out for at Coachella 2015, and he brought out Kanye West as a special guest during his show at the festival, which only increased the amount of eyes pointing in his direction.

Who will win this week? Will it be Khelani's song about rising above heartbreak? Or will Stromae's bumping tune calling out those addicted to social media take the win? It's time for you to decide. Go vote for your favorite song in the poll below. Remember, you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tues., April 28, at 10AM ET.

Listen to Kehlani’s “Alive” Feat. Coucheron

Watch Stromae's "Carmen" Video

Rules of The Boombox Battle
Two artists and their respective songs compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next The Boombox Battle. If an artist wins The Boombox Battle four times consecutively, their song will be honored in The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.