With the 2013 Video Music Awards set to be broadcasted live from the Barclays Center for the very first time this summer, MTV have tapped Brooklyn's own KAWS to reimagine their iconic Moonman award.

Giving the statuette its first makeover in its nearly 30-year existence, the acclaimed artist merges the traditional design, created by Fred Seibert and Manhattan Design in the early ’80s, with that of his own Companion. The result is subtle, yet a touch wacky, with the Moonman taking on KAWS' trademark crossed out eyes and oversized ears.

"It’s such a strong, iconic thing. Everyone sees the Moonman and knows right off the bat what it is,” KAWS told MTV News. “When I was first invited to do the project, I knew that I didn’t want to create something new entirely, I wanted [to do] something you see that’s immediately KAWS and immediately Moonman. People just get it.”

The redesigned Moonman will only be used for the 2013 MTV VMAs, though, with the original model returning in 2014. According to The New York Times, KAWS will also design the stage set for this year's awards, which will include a 60-foot-tall inflatable KAWS Moonman.