Katt WilliamsIf there were to be a convincing argument written about the benefits of poking fun at yourself, then Katt Williams should be the author of that argument. After his series of recent run-ins with the law, the Atlanta-based comedian now has enough material to score himself a new HBO comedy special in 2010.

On Nov. 8 Katt, real name Micah Williams, made headlines for a burglary and trespassing scandal, which temporarily landed him behind bars. With the charges from this incident still pending, Williams added another odd encounter with the law to his resume this past week. In addition to being arrested on Thursday (Dec. 3) for a bond issue relating to his first arrest, he was also questioned by police on Friday (Dec. 4) for a separate incident.

Georgia's Newnan-Times Herald reports that Williams was questioned on Friday after a 911 call drew cops to the Newnan Walmart, where locals reported seeing a man with a gun in the parking lot. Upon arrival the police allegedly removed firearms from the scene belonging to Williams. Cops said they believed that Tony and Shirley Williams -- the parents of Williams' girlfriend, Yolanda, were involved in a confrontation with the comedian outside of the store. The two were reportedly concerned about their daughter's welfare and decided to take matters into their own hands.

According to Newnan Police Chief Douglas L. Meadows, after questioning both parents were charged with disorderly conduct and a third party was charged for marijuana possession, but Williams was free to go. A search of Williams' vehicle in the Walmart parking lot returned nothing illegal or suspicious. "There are no charges on Katt Williams at this time and we do not expect there to be any charges," Meadows said. "We checked some firearms and they were returned to Katt Williams. We're still unclear whether there was a gun pulled on someone or not. Three people have been arrested, and as far as I know that will be the end of it."

2010 HBO special? Content will not be an issue.