Parody albums can be hit or miss. However, Local Business Comedy's transformation of Kanye West's 'Yeezus' will give Weird Al Yankovic's stuff a run for its money.

Perfectly timed for the Christmas holiday, the Los Angeles sketch comedy trio take each of the Kanye's original beats on the album and replace the lyrics with more holiday appropriate content.

As you listen to the album, you'll go into each song thinking Kanye will start wailing into your ears, but all of a sudden one of the comedians, who freakishly sounds similar to 'Ye, will attack the mic with some yuletide-esque rhymes that will get Mrs. Claus ready to get down.

“Mrs. Claus was raised in the era when / Clean snow was only rode by Jack Skellington / Riding snow you would have thought I had help / But they wasn’t satisfied unless I shoveled snow myself,” the comedian delivers on 'New Sleighs,' the parody of 'New Slaves.'

Meanwhile, the more romantic ode 'Wrapped' sounds a bit dirtier as the lyrics details a lady's crush on Santa. Even the hook is changed up to "Ho ho Santa." "I know you’re tired of wrappin, of wrappin’ / With nobody to gift / Nobody, nobody,” he raps.

Listen to the rest of 'Kreezus' below, and maybe you'll add this to your holiday playlist on Christmas Day.

Listen to Local Business Comedy's 'Kreezus'

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