While he may never come off as a model citizen, no matter how sick his latest disc might be, Kanye West did get into the holiday spirit in New York City on Tuesday. TMZ reports that West spent about 90 minutes gift wrapping presents for foster kids just because he felt like it. Or so he told Santa's fellow helpers at the event.

Reportedly, West dropped into the New Yorkers for Children's 8th Annual Wrap to Rap party on Tuesday evening, completely unscheduled -- but not to crash it. Rather, he graciously wrapped gifts donated by Wal-Mart and then left without much fanfare.

The BoomBox ran into West last year as he got into the Christmas spirit by making a surprise appearance at the Los Angeles Mission on Dec. 26, 2009. The Grammy winner, alongside ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, joined other volunteers and served lunch to the homeless, who greeted the Chicago native and took pictures. "It's just important [to give back] when you're very blessed," West told The BoomBox. Adding, "[It's nice] to spread your blessings and take time out, especially during the holidays to appreciate people who never get that appreciation. It makes me feel really good to come out here, [with] my family, and I just thank y'all [the Los Angeles Mission] for allowing us to be apart of this." 'Tis the season.

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