In the past two weeks Kanye West has launched his first Twitter account, acquired over 400,000 followers, and on Friday, Aug 6. Mr. West sat down for his first live UStream broadcast from Korea.

During the first few minutes of the stream, Ye and his people struggled to set up, and viewers could watch Kanye staring blankly at the screen asking, "Maybe we should've went over this before we started?" But once things got flowing Kanye revealed some important tidbits about his upcoming album, including news that the currently-untitled project wasn't set for release until "sometime in November" -- two months later than its original September 14 date.

Ye didn't give any details on the album's title, but he promised fans that they could look forward to another single before the end of August. "We're dropping the next single I think in about 20 days, it's between these two songs - one is called 'Lost in the World,' the other one is called 'All of the Lights,'" he said, before playing a snippet of a new track.

West also touched on the concept behind his new art-inspired video 'Power,' which premiered on Thursday, Aug 5., revealing that he had originally intended to debut 30 to 40 minutes worth of visual footage to accompany the track, before it leaked.

Finally, some of his valuable face time with fans was used to address naysayers who have accused him of not posting his own work online. "For everybody who thought I didn't do my own blog, ah man, I get to clarify a bunch of s--- now," Kanye said, showing his extensive photo archives. And despite the successful broadcast, Kanye's first Ustream appearance might also be his last. During his sit-down, the super producer locked down the URL for his next live feed.