Kanye West has won tons of awards for his music, and now his tweets are garnering him some trophy recognition. Going up against what he sees, in general, as his only competition: himself, West's insightful, angry and sometimes hilarious tweets garnered him an entire category for the MTV's O Music Awards.

Six of West's tweets were nominated for the Golden Kanye Award, but it was his post about water bottles that won the category. "I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle," read the winning tweet posted in October. Other morsels of knowledge that scooped up recognition included his thoughts on dating models, and his frequent spell check for the word "genius." This past January, 'Ye's tweets were also put into song by opera-pop singer Josh Groban.

The Chicago MC's latest victory is one of a few early winners at the inaugural MTV O Music Awards. Nicki Minaj snagged a trophy in the Favorite Animated GIF category earlier this week, for a moving graphic image of her twirling bubble gum around her finger.

Unlike some of their other awards shows, MTV's O Music Awards recognizes musicians solely for their online presence. The awards ceremony will stream live on OMusicAwards.com from Las Vegas Thursday night (April 28) at 11PM EST.

Watch Kanye West's 'Can't Tell Me Nothing'
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