Much like his latest streaming-only "living" album The Life of Pablo, Kanye West, apparently, is still tinkering with his 2013 effort, Yeezus.

The Apple Music version of West’s Yeezus track "Black Skinhead" features a lead vocal that has been altered in sound. When comparing it to the original version of the song you'll notice a deeper one in the vocals of the altered version. Also, on the original version of the album’s "Send It Up," Yeezy raps over an instrumental.

"This the greatest s--- in the club / Since 'In Da Club' / It’s so packed I might ride around / On my bodyguard back like Prince in the club," he raps.

However, on Apple Music today, this same line in “Send It Up” features West rapping the last two lines of that verse with no instrumental, just his vocals.

According to Spin, some fans on Twitter are noting that some of the changes may be leftovers from leaks and previous edits made back when the album was originally released. However, it’s unclear why the G.O.O.D. Music leader officially uploaded two different versions of the song - one that’s streaming on Apple Music and another version on Spotify and Tidal.

Even amidst the controversy and lawsuit for West’s TLOP, the rapper-producer keeping folks buzzing as he meddles with his previously released music.

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