Rapper/producer Kanye West was one of many stars who traveled to Washington D.C. in honor of the inauguration of President Barack Obama. West performed at the 'Be The Change Youth Ball,' which was one of 10 official balls thrown in the president's honor. True to form, he did not disappointment with his colorful explanation of what the inauguration meant to him.

"As optimistic as I am, I still can't believe it," he said in an interview. "I feel like I'm in the future. First iPods, now this!" he quipped. West went on to talk about the greatness of living in a country like America. "We try to complain about this country, but this is the greatest country in the world."

Kicking off the show with a performance of his hits including 'Touch the Sky' and 'Good Life' West quickly got the audience involved in his elation. "Let's make some noise for our new president, Obama," he told the crowd. "It feels so good to be standing here. My mama would be so proud to see her baby boy performing the #1 song in the country for our new African-American president."

President Obama took to the stage to show his appreciation for the youth vote during his campaign. I've been looking forward to this ball for quite some time because, when you look at the history of this campaign, what started out as an improbable journey, when nobody gave us a chance, was carried forward, was energized by young people all across America," he said to the cheering crowd.

The ball's other big performers were the group Fall Out Boy. Lead singer Pete Wentz also marveled over the election and inauguration. "It's mind-blowing. It's one of those things where it's such an amazing experience -- just being in his presence is amazing," Wentz said about meeting the president.

Usher, Rosario Dawson, and MTV personality/vj Sway all shared hosting duties for the event which was broadcast live on the network on Jan. 20. Other guests included Kid Rock, Santogold, and actor Ashton Kutcher.