Who said Kanye West isn't a nice guy? The mercurial rapper, who is often viewed as standoffish in the public eye, treated folks at a bachelorette party to a bottle of champagne in New Orleans last week.

E! News got the exclusive scoop of how it all went down. Advertising executive Jess Kingsbery was among the partygoers at a bachelorette party inside Galatoire's restaurant when she spotted West dining with a group of guys.

Being huge fans of the producer, Kingsbery and her friends decided to ask the waiter if they could send a bottle of wine to West's table. But instead of accepting their kind gesture, West flipped the script and sent them a complimentary bottle of champagne to their table. What a nice guy.

"It was so crazy, we could not get over it," Kingsbery told E! News.

Then West offered to take pictures with the partygoers and even chatted with the group.

When asked how married life is, Yeezy responded, "Married life is great."

In the end, West's random act of kindness at a bachelorette party made it a memorable night for the group, including the bride-to-be.

"It was such a fun surprise," said Kingsbery "He was very, very nice. It was the best night of our lives."

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