Suge Knight is still going ahead with his $1 million lawsuit against Kanye West, despite it being five years after the fact. Back in 2005 Knight was shot in the leg at a Miami Beach party hosted by West. It's now being reported that as a result of a ruling by a Miami federal judge, Ye doesn't even have to attend the latest arbitration in person.

West's lawyers basically laid out that the lawsuit was important to him but a relatively small deal compared to his other business activities. Yeezy will be overseas and has "long-standing business commitments" during the time, so it looks like Suge won't be receiving any additional face time regarding his lawsuit.

This is the second head-to-head arbitration between Knight and West. The first found both of them in the same room and apparently Ye's legal strategy fell pretty close to the silent treatment.

"He basically put his hands over his head and didn't say anything for six hours. He evidently doesn't know anything about anything, despite the fact that he hosted the party," Knight's lawyer, Marc Brumer, told the New York Post at the time.