Kanye West went to see his homegirl Rihanna sing and dance, and it got him a little choked up. "So I went to Rihanna's concert tonight and when I saw her do 'I'm so hard, eh eh eh,'" Kanye told the crowd at a recent show. "I'm not gonna lie to ya'll, I might of actually started crying - just to see my little sister onstage with her production and her outfit and her song and rocking Madison Square Garden at her own show sold out. It was a very emotional moment for me and I'm just so proud of her." Was it? [Rap-Up]

XXL asked Kat Stacks how she went from stripper to...whatever it is she does now, and she credited Twitter. "When I first started [stripping], I didn't expect to meet anybody. I just thought about money to pay my bills," she explained. "The first person I met was Pitbull, the next person I met was T-Pain because he owned the club Encore, and I was working there. I started meeting them out [in Miami]. And then I started meeting more on Twitter. I didn't expect to meet none of these muthaf---as on Twitter, because you only think there's computer nerds on there, but rappers are actually there." Nah. Just nerds. [The305]