Kanye West and, legendary producer, Rick Rubin, accepted an award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Except they weren't there. Check out the bizarre clip.

The 5th Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award was given at the Tribeca Film Festival. The award is given to various honorees "whose ideas have broken the mold to create significant impact beyond the original technological and industrial realm." This year one of the honorees was the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Accepting the award on behalf of the machine was Kanye West and Rick Rubin.

The pair did not attend, but in true avant-garde fashion left an acceptance speech that was directed by Mark Romanek (most notable for Michael Jackson's 'Scream' video). The artistic segment pieces together various archive footage of Kanye and Rubin interviews alongside other choice clips that are backed by West's track, 'I'm In It,' making the clip almost meme-like.

"Kanye and I would like to give thanks on behalf of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. It continues to be responsible for new music some thirty years after it's release and discontinuation," says Rubin in a statement that's subtitled on the clip.

What did Kanye West say? Surprisingly enough, the wordy and rant-prone rapper kept it short and sweet with, "Thank you very much" -- a statement also subtitled in the minute and a half clip.