Kanye WestWell, I guess those India spiritual retreat rumors didn't quite pan out. Recent reports from close associates -- namely DJ A-Trak and Mr. Hudson -- have revealed that Kanye West is back in the studio and working out some ideas for his fifth full-length. Details are still emerging, but it seems that Yeezy has some secret concepts brewing.

"Kanye's taking a bit of time away from the limelight," revealed A-Trak in a post on the Digital Spy. "But he keeps telling me all these ideas he has for songs and fashion bits. It's really amazing just how many ideas he has." Ok, pretty vague, but it seems like Ye's heading in the right direction.

"I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he was keeping a low profile, which is sensible," wrote Mr. Hudson for the Daily Star. "He's been working so hard, touring, producing stuff for Jay-Z and Rihanna while also doing shoots for Louis Vuitton. And Kanye's getting back into rapping. He might make an old-school record on a tape deck, like the Beastie Boys used to do. Just a drum machine, ghettoblaster and a microphone."

A ghettoblaster? That sounds kind of awesome, but I find it hard to believe that one of the lushest producers in the game is going to fall back on pre-sampling technology. Nonetheless, Kanye was pretty clear about how he intends the new record to go down.

"It's time for me to bust another rap album," West said in a June interview with MTV. "I kill that rap s---, that's what I do. I'm working on stuff, lyrics right now and they're 'awes-mazing.' They're basically untouchable and I'm about to take it to a whole 'nother level and I would be scared if I was not me."