Following his infamous interruption of the VMAs, Kanye West vowed to retreat from the public eye. However, the "passionate" rapper/producer has a November tour with singer/funny dresser Lady Gaga to promote, so we knew his retirement from the spotlight would be short-lived.

Sure enough, on Wednesday, Kanye posted an "artistic" trailer clip to promote his Fame Kills tour with her Ladyship. The subject heading for the post read "What Happened to All the Rock Stars? The Fame Killed Them!"

The clip, which you can watch below, looks like a 70s porn and keeps with 'Ye's recent supersaturated, grainy visual aesthetic. The 30-second teaser depicts a naked Gaga, one hand clasped to her breast, in the arms of a black man, perhaps West, and concludes with a hushed male voice muttering "Fame Kills."

West announced the tour earlier this summer but only just officially confirmed it. Gaga told the BBC that Fame Kills, which solely features performances by herself and West, with no opening acts, will be "groundbreaking."

The tour begins on Nov. 10 in Phoenix, and runs until Jan. 24 in Dallas.