Kanye WestIf you thought Kanye West only loved himself (and Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' video), you thought wrong, chicken is also on that list. The Chicago rapper was spotted coming out of a Los Angeles eatery and when asked if he chose to dine on chicken or fish, Yeezy jokingly expressed his love for foul.

"Well the way I came up with that decision was, I'm kind of hungry and I just ... um ... I think I wanted some chicken because I'm black -- [so] you know I like chicken a lot," he said. "I'm gonna' do a commercial for chicken for free."

Although he was most likely being facetious, this is his second "chicken-related incident" in the past few weeks. West recently made headlines for throwing a fit over not getting chicken during a surprise appearance at the "Common & Friends" benefit concert in Los Angeles.

"Why wasn't I offered chicken?" He was overheard complaining. "You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating ... Why am I not eating?" Adding insult to injury West allegedly yelled at the waitress when she noted that he hadn't actually asked for anything to eat. Once served, onlookers revealed that he took only one bite of the chicken before throwing it out.

Since his outburst at the MTV Movie Awards, West is making good on his promise to take some off, canceling his tour with popstar Lady Gaga. Lets just hope that his break also includes not talking to the paparazzi so much, because he's not looking too good right now.