Kanye West's VMA disaster has brought him an unbelievable amount of negative attention, but it has also provided some surprising new opportunities.

According to a popular gossip site, "pro wrestling insiders" are claiming that Kanye has been offered almost $10 million by former wrestler and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, to appear at three WWE events.

The events would include some "light wrestling" from the rapper/producer, who is said to be "seriously considering it." Two of the events would be televised, with the third sold on pay-per-view.

While many would pay to see Kanye tossed around in the ring, and even more of us would like to see the "Louis Vuitton Don" take himself a little less seriously, this isn't exactly what we had in mind. We can't imagine that Kanye would seriously entertain this idea, but we can't be mad at anyone making $10 million just for showing up to a couple of wrestling matches and mildly embarrassing themself further.