Kanye West hit the Cannes International Film Festival over the weekend, where he not only performed but showed off his new flame. The rapper hit the stage at the Red Granite Pictures party where his hour-long set included a performance of the song 'Gold Digger' with Jamie Foxx. West's friend Pharrell Williams opened the show, thrown by the Red Granite Financial Group, but it was the Chicago MC's actions off the stage that had everybody talking.

Yeezy emerged from his hotel room Sunday (May 15) with a blonde woman who he made out with on the balcony. Last month it was reported that he was dating swimsuit model Kate Upton, and the New York Post reported the 33-year-old was getting very close to Upton at a Victoria's Secret VIP Swim Event in Los Angeles. He never confirmed nor denied the claims, and the blonde on the Cannes balcony bears a resemblance to the 18-year-old model.

West of course has never been shy in front of a camera but his new move comes just one week after his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose compared him to her new beau, Wiz Khalifa. In an interview with King Magazine, Rose explained her love for Khalifa, refusing to call him a "downgrade" from West. Although they have only been together for a few months, Rose and Khalifa appear to be very serious and were rumored to be tying the knot.

Since splitting from Rose last year, West has said little about why the relationship ended, but took a shot at her during his performance at Coachella, changing the lyrics of his song 'Stronger' to include the bald beauty.

Whether or not the new lady in his life is an actual relationship or just his way of poking fun at the paparazzi remains to be seen, but judging by the women he's been choosing lately, West has a thing for blondes.

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