Nearly two years after Kanye West released his fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, comes the visuals for "Lost in the World," which features Grammy winning-crooner Bon Iver on the track.

The Chicago native teamed with fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben and photographer Nick Knight's SHOWstudio for the black-and-white clip. As the effort commences, a warning flashes on the screen: "Strobe effects are used in this video." Subsequently, the word "lost" pulsates in a variety of languages before the video's title does much of the same. A woman then appears lying on a opaque floor before clouds appear and Kanye West enters the picture, decked out in a studded fitted cap, jeans and sneakers.

A group of anguished females in white T-shirts show up, seemingly trapped in a city before high-rise buildings pull apart to let sunlight in as they thrash about.

Watch Kanye West's "Lost in the World" Video

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