Kanye West is beefing up his acting resume by facing-off against one of the NBA's best players, Kobe Bryant, with a role in the short Nike film 'The Black Mamba.' West, who has been known to pop up at Lakers games from time to time, is pit against Bryant in the film.

In one of two 30-second trailers released to the 'Net by Nike, Bryant appears to have found himself in a battle over, of all things, his shoes. "Bring them to me!" West screams, dressed in all black attire. "Black mamba ain't nothin'. I'm the boss!" While the exact details of West's character remain unclear, the Chi-town MC, stars alongside Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo in the flick, directed by Robert Rodriquez.

Nike has been keeping the premise of the film largely under wraps, only describing the work as showcasing the "world's best basketball player in his biggest challenge yet." Even though we love to see 'Ye in all capacities, he has yet to prove that acting is his strong suit. He dabbled a little with the art in his 40-minute music video 'Runaway,'that accompanied the release of his latest album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.' Luckily, this part appears to be in all in good fun. 'The Black Mamba,' film will stream live on the Nike Facebook page Feb. 19 at 1AM PST.

After going back and forth in the media, and on social networking sites, if these two are finally able to bury the hatchet there may be some good music to come it.

Watch 'The Black Mamba' Trailer