All eyes are on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after his new song "Theraflu" debuted Wednesday night (April 4). He professes his love for the reality TV star on the track, produced by Hit-Boy, and it seems as if Kardashian may very well return the sentiments.

The two were spotted leaving a movie theater Wednesday -- they reportedly saw "The Hunger Games" together. But it's what happened Thursday morning that has fans and critics talking. Kardashian was spotted leaving West's New York City apartment building wearing the same clothes she was dressed in the prior day.

TMZ reports she was seen leaving from the building where the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy creator resides. Paparazzi photographed Kardashian wearing a flowing white sleeveless top, black leggings and matching black stilettos. The only thing missing from her outfit from Wednesday was a peach-colored blazer.

Is this a walk of shame? You be the judge.

Watch "Kanye Professes Love for Kim Kardashian in New Song"

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