After teasing us with a video snippet last week, Hot 97's Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg have released their full Juan Epstein podcast interview with Kanye West. And to the collective cheer of early Kanye stans everywhere, he doesn't talk about Kim, the media or fashion (okay, he goes off on for fashion for like 10 full minutes but whatever).

Ciph and Rosenberg kicked things off by diving deep into Kanye's production history. Mr. West professed his love for beat masters like No I.D., Pete Rock, Q-Tip, DJ Premier and J Dilla, who he called a "genius." He also candidly admitted that drums are his achilles heel, and that he enlisted Pharrell and Timbaland to help him re-do the drums on 'Stronger.'

But before he could ever envision calling Skateboard P or Timbo for help, Kanye west recalled the time he lent his stepbrother money he was using to buy his first sampler at 14-years-old. However, when he asked for the money back, his stepbrother couldn't pay up. As it turned out, he was a crackhead.

The 30-minute conversation spawned plenty more interesting tidbits, like how Ye claims to have made Air Jordan popping again when he started wearing the retros, how receiving praise from Michael Jackson inspired him to make '808s & Heartbreak,' and being snubbed by Rawkus back in the day, which lead to a hilarious rant against the label's founders Jarret Myer and Brian Brater:

"Ay, Jarret and Brian... this is Kanye West talking to you. This is the greatest moment of your hip-hop life! You passed on signing me 'cause I didn't have the look. I wasn't 'official' enough. You didn't like the way I rapped. But guess what? I thunk myself to annihilate and become the most important hip-hop musician of all time. And I'm just getting started."

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and tune in to the full interview below.

Listen to Kanye West's Intervew on Juan Epstein