Kanye West and Jay-Z released 'H.A.M.,' the first single from their joint album 'Watch the Throne,' back in January. Now, the duo are reportedly holed up in a New York City hotel room completing the album recording process.

Sources told the New York Post that Jay and 'Ye have rented an entire floor of the trendy Mercer Hotel in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, where they will continue recording the anticipated album. "They took over at least one whole floor and moved in their equipment, which may have annoyed some of the guests," the unnamed source told the Post.

Musicians recording music in their hotel rooms dates back a century, most notably to Delta blues legend Robert Johnson. The maverick guitarist only laid down 29 tracks before his early death in 1938, sixteen of them in a hotel room at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. But, this might be the first noteworthy hip-hop album to be recorded in a hotel room.

West announced plans to release the joint album with his "big brother" Jay back in August, and 'Watch the Throne' is now scheduled for a March release. The Lex-Luger produced single 'H.A.M.' can be streamed on the album's Facebook page.

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