On the heels of his recent outburst at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, it looks like Kanye West may be headed to rehab. Rumor has it that the Chicago native will seek treatment for his alcohol abuse, which has apparently escalated following the death of his mother Dr. Donda West in 2007.

"His drinking is getting worse -- and when he has too much, he can be mean and obnoxious," said a source close to Ye. "If he doesn't get help soon, things could really spiral out of control." The rapper is said to be entering rehab following his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga in January.

Reports of a possible drinking problem arose when West was photographed swigging a large bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet at the VMAs. Noticeably intoxicated, the Grammy winner hit the stage during singer Taylor Swift's acceptance speech announcing that she did not deserve to win. He was then asked to leave the awards show and has been doing damage control ever since.

Although this story could be pure speculation, West did say that he was taking some time off to deal with his issues. Since he doesn't typically do interviews, we'll just wait and see if he confirms or denies this rumor via his blog.