Kanye West posted three pages from his upcoming book, 'Thank You and You're Welcome' -- an "entertaining volume of "Kanye-isms" -- which features gems like 'Be Leery of the Free Gift Bag' and the 'Missing Banister Theory,' on his kanyeuniversecity.com blog on Monday.

On the 'Get Used to Getting Used' page, West cleverly explains why being "used" isn't such a bad thing. "To most people, the saying 'to use someone' carries a negative connotation. But I don't see it that way. To 'mis,' 'over' or 'ab'-use someone is negative. To use is necessary. And if you can't be used, you're useless," the rapper explains.

'Thank You and You're Welcome', co-written with J. Sakiya Sandifer, is available for pre-oder on West's official Web site for $10.

In other West news, the rap star has launched his own search engine, searchwithkanyewest.com. The unique site -- powered by Google and Ask.com -- will allow users to earn rewards each time they search the internet via the engine. Users can earn Swag Bucks, which can be redeemed for autographed items, concert tickets, iPhones and game systems.