Kanye West's charity is no more. The Kanye West Foundation, which was intended to prevent teens from dropping out of high school, has suddenly closed without reason, four years after its establishment.

The news was made public after former executive director Joseph Collins sent an email to associates stating that he was out of a job and that the phone had been disconnected at headquarters.

"I am reaching out to let you know that the Kanye West Foundation (kanyewestfoundation.org) has officially closed it doors after a successful 4+ years of programming and events [sic]," he wrote. "It has been an incredible experience working with Kanye and the board to realize his mother's vision and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to lead the Foundation."

According to reports, Kanye did not actually fund the establishment himself. Filing its taxes as if it were a private charity, the foundation reached out to corporations with whom Kanye does business. Madison Square Garden donated $151,754 to the organization, while clothing shingle Karmaloop shelled out $20,000 to 'Ye. In total, the charity raised an average of $492,000 each year.

The foundation's site, which is yet to be taken down, explains that the mission of the organization is to "help combat the severe dropout problem in schools across the United States by partnering with community organizations to provide under-served youth access to music production programs."

The 2007 death of its founder and Kanye's mother, Donda West, may have contributed to the program's cancellation, though an explanation is still pending.

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