Kanye WestKanye West's absence from last night's Grammy Awards was reportedly a part of his continued effort to keep a low profile since the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards incident cemented his position on the media's hit list. But still, critics can't seem to give him a break. West and his girlfriend, Amber Rose, stirred up some controversy and invoked the rage of PETA Vice President Dan Matthews with their choice of outfits at the recent Paris Fashion Week. Matthews went as far as calling West an "idiot" for his decision to don fur at several fashion shows.

Kanye, always the outspoken one, finally took to his blog on Friday (Jan. 29) to weigh in on all the harsh words being thrown his way. "I'm briefly saddened by negative comments, but I have to remember those people are scared, incapable or just plain idiots." Kanye wrote. "We are the f---ing rock stars baby. No cocaine, just life my n----s!! No cocaine, just life! It's funny to me when fashion bloggers down our outfits and then super jock outlandish s--- on the runway but then they dress mad prude and don't live fashion. We live it man. F--- that, we live it!!! We live it so hard people live through us!"

Kanye Went on to explain that living the life of an icon is never easy, citing Michael Jackson's ridicule as a prime example. "Remember, there was a time when everybody dissed Michael Jackson every chance they could. Imagine the pressure of being a true icon. Very few human beings are strong enough to take constant hate!!!" he wrote. "If we don't do what you feel is the s---, you beat us up verbally and mentally, like a catholic school teacher beating a creative student into submission. I can hear you screaming 'color inside the lines!!!' Well f--- your coloring book, color by numbers approach to life."

Near the end of his rant, Kanye specifically addressed the PETA backlash, using some questionable reasoning to explain his daring fashion choices. "At the end of the day who are we hurting??? Oh "the new black???" Since Barack is president blacks don't like fur coats, red leather, and fried chicken any more?!" he wrote. "It's life my n-----, it's life! Remember clothing is a choice. We were born naked!!! Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective, and expression is my favorite elective. No more politics or apologies!!!" Preach on Kanye.

Drake, Lil Wayne and Eminem performed their collaborative single 'Forever,' without Kanye, who appears on the original version of the track, at last night's Grammy Awards.