Fans arrived in throngs for Kanye West's PABLO pop-up store in Soho this weekend, and while there were lines sprawling down Wooster St, everyone seemed to be eager to get a little bit of Yeezy's look. Amongst the crowd were the cynical and the enthusiastic, and The Boombox got a chance to talk to the public about why they were so excited for the fashions of PABLO.

"I think he's going to have a lasting impression just because he does things like this," shared one girl waiting in line. "He's so passionate about it. He goes so hard and his fans are going to go hard for it, too."

"I really want one of the sweatshirts and a bomber," admitted another young fan. "I know he hopes to have a lasting footprint on fashion," offered one enthusiastic attendee. "With streetwear he already has a lasting footprint. So many people are out here for his streetwear."

This weekend's PABLO pop-up in New York City was a great indicator of just how culturally influential Kanye has been.

But one man wasn't a fan at all--he was just gettin' his hustle on.

"I don't care about seeing Kanye or the merchandise, I'm wanna sell it," he said directly. "I'm making money off of it--that's it. It's purely for my gain."

Can't fault a man for being a pragmatist.