We all know that Kanye West loves fashion but he also has a thing for women's clothing. The Chicago native, who is currently making his rounds at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, revealed that when it comes to his shirts, he's not opposed to rocking a woman's blouse if it looks good.

While attending a show for designer Phillip Lim, Yeezy explained that his style is ever evolving and that the shirt he wore to the show -- given to him by the designer -- complimented his complexion, despite being made for a woman. "[It's about] getting things that complement. I asked Phillip for this color," West said in an interview referring to his shirt. "This is a women's shirt he had, and I just felt this color would be really, really nice on my skin so I was really happy about it."

While other male hip-hop artists wouldn't be caught dead wearing women's clothing, Ye, the self-professed Louis vuitton don, never has -- and probably never will -- been too caught up on people's opinions of his style. "It's so funny -- I see photographs of myself from three, four years ago, and I had really similar look sense but it's kind of like curating and getting rid of things that, you know, competed," he said. "I had clothes that were, like, more in competition with me than complementing me." As far as his beauty regimen these days, its pretty simple. "I'm lucky if I just brush my hair," he explained. "I don't have a routine like that. I take a shower? That's about it."

West was working on his own fashion line, Pastelle, which has been put on hold following the MTV VMA media debacle that forced him into seclusion late last year. Now that he's back on the scene and promoting his new album, 'Dark Twisted Fantasy,' there's no telling how many bright suits and women's blouses we can expect to see him rocking.

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