Positive new attitude and all, Kanye West is still Kanye West. Sometimes he's going to say crazy stuff, but that just means he cares too much, right? His most recent potential gaffe came during a Q&A at the London premiere of his new high fashion-oriented 'Runaway' on October 6. Talking fashion design, the subject somehow shifted to Lindsay Lohan's Ungaro Spring 2010 collection.

West, trying to be affable, reportedly referred to Lohan's recent collection as "the 9/11 of celebrities doing fashion" and said after its ice-cold reception he thought: "Well, I can't do a line now." He said that people distrust celebrities doing fashion and that empty collaborations like Lohan's are partially to blame for the degree of skepticism that his non-music projects receive.

"Last night at my Paris premiere of 'Runaway,' what hurt most was the people who weren't there," said Kanye to the premiere crowd. "People look down on celebs doing fashion. Did you not see the Lindsay/Ungaro collection? There are so many ups and downs, hurts and pains in fashion. It's extremely frustrating, because I do have opinions on color palettes and fabrics, but do I have the time to pick out every belt buckle? I don't have 20 years of fashion experience, and my father wasn't a tailor able to train me. The only way it would work was if I sat next to a designer."

For the most part, his lengthy Q&A at BAFTA focused on his 'Runaway' film, which West said is intended to "bring real culture to popular culture."