Kanye WestKanye West's current blog has garnered almost the same amount of attention as his hit records. Throughout his career, Ye has used the web space as an outlet to express his most intimate feelings as well simple thoughts that may have just come to him at the moment.

However, many argue that Kanye isn't even the one posting much of the content which includes everything from modern art, fashion, architecture to much acclaimed pictures of beautiful women such as his current girlfriend Amber Rose. Even with the constant traffic and high praise from his fans and peers, Kanye has announced that a new blog is on the way.

This past Sunday (Dec. 10), a blog entry was posted that read, "Sorry for the slow posting. I've been working on a whole new blog for months now. It's very close to completion." There were no further details or clues as to what he may be working on. Many also found it odd that the entry wasn't written in all caps as Kanye usual does when he's making a personal statement on the site.

While there hasn't been any official word from Kanye's camp or any new entries posted on his blog, insiders are speculating that a brand new domain name and layout may emerge in the next month. Currently, you can still access Kanye's blog at www.KanyeUniverCity.com/blog.