Kanye West is taking his foray into fashion one step further. The Chicago MC has given his blessing to graphic design duo Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag of M/M to turn the George Condo artwork featured on his album cover for 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' into scarves.

The duo, who originally supplied an illustrative letterset that adorned Condo's paintings in the album's liner notes, asked 'Ye if he would be interested in having the images turned into silk scarves, a request to which he acquiesced.

Augustyniak and Amzalaq, who described working with West as "a complex exploration of power," are creating a limited edition of 250 garments -- 50 for each of the five designs -- with the scarves measuring at a square meter in size. The finished products will be sold beginning this spring at Colette and on Mmparis.com.

Kanye originally tapped Condo to create the unique artwork for his platinum-certified fifth album. The five pieces show the rapper being straddled by a phoenix, a ballerina, his head stabbed with a sword, a surreal portrait and a crown with a sword next to it.

Condo later revealed that 'Ye specifically asked him to produce a painting that would be banned for the album cover.

Watch Kanye West's 'Power'
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