Kanye West has the entire hip-hop world back in the palm of his hand at this point. Last night, he teased that he had just blown his own mind in the studio and promised to "see Angie," a reference to Hot 97's Angie Martinez, today. He kept that promise, revealing his new record is set for November 16 and premiering a new track entitled 'See Me Now.'

The new track features Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, as well as production by Ye, No ID and 'B.M.F.' producer Lex Luger. According to Ye, Beyonce finished the vocals at the crack of dawn this morning. 'See Me Now' is a bouncy, summer banger that expertly merges West's soulful early work with his luxurious contemporary sheen.

"It's not slated to be the single or nothing, but it was like people need this right now for the summer," said Kanye before the track dropped for the first time.

After a spin, the Hot 97 studio was so live that they decided to play the track back again immediately. "We're having a party," said Martinez. "Join us!"

In other revealing news, Kanye explained that after his meltdown at last year's MTV Video Music Awards, he spent some time in Japan and then retreated to Rome in order to intern at Fendi. Yes, you heard that right. In the midst of the biggest PR disaster of his storied career, Ye decided to do some grunt work for an Italian designer in order to feel normal.

As for the current rap landscape, West thinks Nicki Minaj is the scariest artist out right now. He even went as far as to claim Minaj could end up as the no. 2 hip-hop artist of all time.

"I think the scariest artist in the game right now is definitely Nicki Minaj. She has potential two be no. 2 of all time. No. 1 is Eminem," he said.

You can already download a full-quality version of 'See Me Now' here.