It's no secret that Kanye West is fond of himself, but the king of "Did he really say that?" claims he never spoke of taking the "King of Pop" crown from the late Michael Jackson. Kanye took to his blog to clear up the rumor claiming that he was going after the late icon's title.

"I was just listening to Wendy Williams and heard some quote about me saying I'm the new king of pop," Kanye wrote. "Not only did I not say that, I haven't said anything. It makes me feel bad that obviously I made people feel that I would be corny enough to say something so whack after the passing of an idol, a legend and more than that a human being with feelings and family. It scares me to think what people will believe, without even a source."

While Kanye denies declaring himself the new king, Scrape TV is sticking to its guns. The online news outlet published the story, which is cited around the blogosphere as the original source for Kanye's quotes, on June 29, just four days after Jackson's untimely death. Scrape TV's editor-in-chief defends the story and released a statement regarding the matter.

"Though we will make no aspersions on Mr. West's comments we do stand behind our story and our editorial principles and want to ensure that no one, not celebrity nor politician, is able to alter the truth out of some sense of regret or self-rapprochement," Dave Dalkin wrote. "Such abuses speak to the very heart of free speech and the nature of an open society."

Kanye has yet to respond to Dalkin's recent post.