We all know that Kanye West opened his debut album, 'The College Droput,' joking that he had the perfect song for the kids to sing, but what about toddlers? Well, record label Rockabye Baby has stepped up to make sure the babies don't go without Ye any longer. On May 18, the label is releasing its next edition of lullabies based on Kanye's classic jams.

"We usually just 'lullaby' rock classics, but we're fans of many different styles of music, so we wanted to branch out," said Rockabye Baby Vice President Lisa Roth in an issued press release. "We wanted to do another artist who transcended genres, whose music reached fans of rap, rock, pop -- everyone. Of course, we thought of Kanye and that's how our first 'Rap-a-bye Baby' was born."

As stated, this is the first hip-hop artist to receive the full-blown children treatment by the label. Kanye joins a list of star artists that include the Beatles, The Cute, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica and Coldplay. Of course, none of the lullabies will actually feature Kanye on vocals, so this is more about the music. The album will present 12 of West's most popular instrumental tracks, including 'Homecoming,' 'Jesus Walks' and 'Stronger.'

"Kanye brings together so many popular styles and creates a really modern kind of soul music," said Leo Flynn, the album's producer. "So the challenge was to translate, into a lullaby, the key elements of that vibe. And there is so much to latch on to in Kanye's music - from the charisma of his tracks to his musicality and candidness as a performer - we knew there had to be a way."

You can sample the baby versions of Kanye's tracks at the Rockabye website.