While Jay-Z stayed home to promote their 'Watch the Throne' collaboration album on his own, Kanye West performed a 15-minute freestyle in Poland on Tuesday night (Aug. 23).

Giving an extended "toast to the douchebags" during his set at Poland's Coke Live Music Festival, Kanye launched into an excruciatingly long Auto-Tune-aided freestyle version of his 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' single 'Runaway' with Pusha T, which was filmed by fans, and can be seen after the jump.

The lengthy improvisation was accompanied by writhing dancers and bookended by some live -- and offbeat -- MPC sampling triggered by the temperamental rapper. It all concluded with an emotional voice-cracking climax, during which Kanye apologized repeatedly for being such an a--hole.

"I hope you're havin' that drink for me/ And you raise your glass up and you say, 'I love that motherf---er!'/ But goddamn, he was an a--hole! He was a douchebag!" Kanye rambled. "You'd say Kanye, why don't we just go to the beach/ And I'd say, 'No I gotta work on this f---in' album 'cause what happened to me at MTV, you see?'/ And you just wanted time with me, time with me."

Other performers at the Coke Live Music Festival at the Polish Aviation Museum included N.E.R.D., Muse and The Chemical Brothers.

Meanwhile, whether or not Kanye and Jay-Z are feuding, as some suggest, 'Watch the Throne' sits firmly atop the Billboard charts for the second week in a row, having sold 177,000 units this week, for a grand total of 613,000, according to SoundScan.

Watch Kanye West Perform a 15-Minute Freestyle

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