It's no surprise to hear that Kanye West will be on the cover of any number of magazines leading up to the release of his upcoming album 'Dark Twisted Fantasy.' The piece of info worth noting about the recent news of Kanye covering October's XXL magazine would have to be that the super-producer/rapper/fashionisto wrote the cover story himself and acted as creative director for a 40-page spread.

In the feature, Yeezy addresses the Taylor Swift/VMA incident (of course), and promises that the interruption was not a personal stab at Swift or racially motivated as some people have suggested. "I stress that the incident wasn't about Taylor personally," he explains in the cover story. "And it definitely wasn't about race. Where I messed up is, at the end of the day, it's your show, Taylor. It's your show, MTV."

While the country starlet may have appeared to be the victim on that particular night one year ago, Kanye admits that the "incident" affected him as well. His public image, which was already shaky to begin with, was marred as Saturday Night Live, President Obama and the rest of the world ridiculed him for his behavior.

"I knew I wasn't in a great spot publicly after the incident, but I would just block it out and work as hard as possible and let my work be my saving grace," he shared. "In a way, I had thrown a Molotov cocktail at my own career, and it gave me an opportunity, for the first time, to go away and find out who I was. Because I felt very alone."

The Kanye issue hits newstands nationwide on September 28.