K-osWith the 2010 Winter Olympics now over, it's back to work for k-os. The Canadian indie hip-hop artist, who released his fourth album 'Yes!,' on Feb. 23, has two solo dates – at New York's Le Poisson Rouge, Mar. 2, and The Roxy in Los Angeles, Mar. 4 -- that precede an April tour opening for Drake. But the past two weeks is a time the Toronto-based songwriter will never forget, because he was right there in Vancouver, B.C., rooting for Canada. He's hoping that Canada won't forget either.

"Canada prides itself on being under the radar. It's like when the older brother's more flamboyant, the younger brother gets more self-involved or more introverted," k-os tells The BoomBox. We're guessing the flamboyant brother in this metaphor is the U.S. "These Olympics, I've seen Canada hats, jackets, flags and all sorts of paraphernalia that I've never seen before. Even after living in Canada all my life."

It's a patriotism that he feels is very healthy for the land he loves. "I've never been to the Olympics before, which makes it such an amazing experience. There was a Montreal Olympics in 1976, but I was way too young. You very much feel like people know this is a once in a lifetime thing, it's kind of forcing out this patriotism, if you will. We'll see what happens after. I think it's going to affect us and it might actually change the socialistic nature, so Canadians feel okay about tooting their own horn."

k-os added a home in Vancouver in 2009 and he loves the place. "All the records I made in the last ten years, I came to Vancouver to make them. It makes sense to get a place here. I'm sort of bi-coastal now. It's a great getaway: Toronto is really my home, where I write a lot of my music and experience things. But when I get to Vancouver, I like looking at the mountains and how chill everyone is here. It's a great balance."