K. Michelle takes us back to the roaring '20s in her new video for 'Something About the Night.'

Directed by Child Basquiat, the singer shows off her acting skills by playing a jazz singer. She appears to be having a few too many drinks. Despite this, Michelle channels her inner Billie Holiday and grabs everyone's attention at the club with her showstopping performance of the song.

While she seems to have it together onstage, the songstress falls apart behind the scenes. Her manager has been using her as his cash cow, which only adds to the drama. Claiming that she's a star and that the show wouldn't survive without her, K. Michelle gets through her performance and leaves the club for the night.

However, this looks like the start of an ongoing saga that could play out in her future videos.

'Something About the Night' is the latest track off her new album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?,' out now via Atlantic Records.