K. Michelle has a reputation for having a tough exterior and throwing shots if she feels crossed (remember her recent feelings toward Elle Varner?). But she also has a soft side. The singer demonstrated that when she finally met her idol, Mary J. Blige.

The 'Love 'Em All' singer was visiting Power 105.1 this week for an interview with 'The Breakfast Club' when she saw Blige. After leaving what's known as the "Hot Seat" at the station, K. Michelle almost had a childlike wonder when she saw Blige waiting to greet her in the lobby.

“You made me want to be a singer," Michelle says in the clip, as she noticeably tries to hold back her emotion. "I thank you for everything. You are absolutely amazing."

Blige humbly greeted Michelle and complemented her on her voice. The ladies shared a hug before Michelle walked away to get herself together.