Sometimes it's really hard to let go. Just ask K. Michelle, who releases the somber visuals for 'Maybe I Should Call,' a touching ballad from her forthcoming album, 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?'

The video opens up with the reality show star pulling up to the house of her old flame, who now has a new woman and new baby. Although obviously difficult for her, Michelle watches the couple interact with each other and the baby, as she sings about severe heartbreak and loss.

From there, the Atlantic Records artist finds herself inside the home of her former mate, and although he can't see her, she witnesses the couple eating meals together and being intimate with each other. Even though we're made to believe the singer is in the same room, she actually imagines everything, as the video ends with K. Michelle sitting in her bed, contemplating whether to phone her ex or not.

The striking visuals are more like a short film rather than a music video, making you pay attention to the lyrics of the song that much more.

'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?,' which arrives Dec. 9, is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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