After playing a scorned lover in the video for 'Maybe I Should Call' and serving as Rick Ross' secret lover in 'If They Knew,' K. Michelle returns with an upbeat new single, 'Going Under,' a song that borrows the hook from Grandmaster Flash's 'The Message.'

In the versus, she talks about how bad she feels due to her relationship ending.

"My left side feels so heavy, feeling steady / It's like my heart is giving out, how come I'm so hard-headed / So forgiving, forgetting how you bring me down," she sings over punchy drums and a crisp snare.

Later in the song, she questions who will be there for her since she's now flying solo. "Who's gonna pick me up? / Who's gonna give a f---? / Who's gonna go the mile, fly me to the clouds," she belts out.

But despite all of the anxiety about being single again, the 30-year-old tells love not to count her out, suggesting that she'll eventually seek romance again.

The songstress' new LP, 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?', drops on Dec. 9, but you can be pre-order the album now.

Listen to K. Michelle's 'Going Under'

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